Sree Vithoba Temple

Sree Vithoba temple is one of the important and ancient temples in kayamkulam. This temple is situated near kayamkulam market. Locally this is known as ‘konkani’ temple. The main deity in this temple is Sree Vittala or Vithoba. Sree Vithoba is believed as the ‘nada moorthy’ and is fond of bhajans than other ‘pooja’s. this temple claims a history of 400 years. This temple is well associated with the GSB community in kayamkulam region. This temple is believed to be constructed in early 18th century with the help of the King of Kayamkulam. The temple complex comprises the sanctum sanctorum (Sreekovil) and inner temple, flag post (dwajam), temple pond, chariot location, Lord Siva shrine, Naga shine and Vithobaji and althara. There are a lot of myths and stories related to this temple. It is one of the rare temples of god Vithoba. In this temple there are two festivals celebrated annually with the ninth day chariot festval (Ratholsavam) as the important attraction. There is a secondary school near the temple running by the temple trust.