Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama Kayamkulam

The wonderful life and teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna have become a perennial source of inspiration to spiritual aspirants not only in India, but in different countries of the present day civilized world. His inspired utterances have brought light where utter darkness prevailed before, solace to many a suffering soul and peace to many a distracted mind. The life, which could have a marvelous influence during his life time, it is needless to say, would be of unending potency in future. The world is yet to see the full depth and significance of his life and teachings.
Kerala, the blessed land of Sri. Sankara, has never been diffident to accept and live to its end, the great message from different parts of the world, be its Christ’s or Buddha’s or that of prophet Mohammed. Thus we see here, a rare combination of different cultures never warring each other to establish supremacy, but a society that is based on mutual love, understanding and religious tolerance, nay, bother hood-a safe model to the rest of the world.